You Asked, We Listened

Dear Storyworks 3 Teachers,

You are all part of our extended family, working together to help students engage, connect, and learn this year. As our team continues to fine-tune our offerings and create new resources, we’ve relied on you to let us know what’s working, what can be improved, and what else would be helpful. Here at Storyworks 3, you are our guiding lights.

Here are four changes we’ve made, based on your feedback:

  • Our skill builders are now offered as both horizontal Slide Decks, designed to fit phones, tablets, and computers, and vertical PDFs, designed to easily print or project in your classroom.
  • Our new editor read-alouds for plays model fluent reading and expression for your students.
  • Our lower-level fiction quiz is back, starting with this issue!
  • Our new Cover Slide Decks offer support for our cover illustration and its caption.

What else can we do to make your teaching experience easier and more joyful? Let us know via email at [email protected] or by posting on our Facebook page. I hope to hear from you!


Tricia Culligan

Editor, Storyworks 3

[email protected]

Frozen Dreams

Meet Matthew Henson, an explorer who didn’t get the credit he deserved.

Featured skill: Main Idea

Fiction: A Message From Space

Naya’s family gives her the boost of confidence she needs.

Featured skill: How a Character Changes

Paired Texts: The Rise of Roblox/5 Ways to Stay Connected

How to stay in touch when you can’t be face-to-face 

Featured skill: Synthesizing

Play: The Elephants and the Mice

An Indian fable explores the power of kindness. 

Featured skill: Theme

Poetry: The Snowflake

A snowflake’s message to the world

Featured skill: Point of View