Would You Sail on the (New) Titanic?

An Australian company is building a copy of the Titanic, the famous ship that sank in 1912. All aboard?

By Sarah McCarry and Jennifer Dignan
From the May / June 2019 Issue
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Your subscription gives you access to past articles about Titanic, including a narrative nonfiction article about the sinking of the ship’s first and only voyage, and a short nonfiction story about a cracker that survived the sinking!    

Watch This

In this nearly 5-minute video you’ll see fascinating footage of the Titanic before its 1912 departure, including clips of the captain himself, baggage being loaded onto the ship, and passengers waving goodbye.    

Fun Fact

Building Titanic 2 is reported to cost $500 million. The original ship cost $7.5 million--which is equal to roughly $180 million in today’s dollars.    

Teach This

We’ve got a Titanic poem written from the point of view of the ship herself, which can lead to a lesson about personification.