Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Storyworks 3

By Storyworks 3 Editors
November 13, 2020

Are you looking for texts to help you celebrate Native American Heritage Month with your students? Storyworks 3 has you covered! November is a time to celebrate the diverse contributions, traditions, and histories of Native peoples, and these three features from our Fall 2020 issues do just that.

How Coyote Stole Fire

From the September 2020 issue, this delightful play is adapted from a Native American myth. Through an exciting story, the play offers an explanation of why certain animals came to look the way they do today and how humans first found fire. This dynamic play is a great opportunity to share the cultural importance of myths and storytelling.

"Carrying Our Words"

From the October/November 2020 issue, this poem gives special meaning to the sounds around us. Author Ofelia Zepeda originally wrote the poem in O'odham, a Native American language from the Southwest. "Carrying Our Words" offers a wonderful perspective on appreciating nature and our connection to it.

"This Land in the 1400s"

From the December 2020/January 2021 issue, the Storyworks 3 Time Machine transports your students back to the land we now call America in the 1400s. Your students will meet some of the hundreds of different Native American nations and tribes who lived during this time. Don’t miss our sidebar “Treasures from the Past,” which showcases dazzling architecture, artwork, and artifacts from several Native American nations and tribes.

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