Sneak Preview! Your October/November Issue

By Storyworks 3 Editors
September 4, 2020

Fall is just around the corner, and so is your October/November 2020 issue of Storyworks3! We wanted to share two themes of our upcoming issue with you: legends and elections. Check out this sneak preview to see how we're covering both fall-related topics. And next Friday, September 11, this fantastic issue will be live online!

"The Legend of the Lake Monster" by Lauren Tarshis

For hundreds of years, scientists and explorers have searched the famous Loch Ness to find out: Is there a monster lurking in its depths?

Featured Skill: Text Features

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Spencer Kayden

Adapted from Washington Irving's famous story, a headless horseman haunts the town of Sleepy Hollow.

Featured Skill: Inference

"This Dog Is the Mayor of His Town" by Tricia Culligan

A dog mayor may sound crazy, but this town has an important reason for holding animal elections.

Featured Skill: Knowledge Building

"Should Kids Be Allowed to Vote?"

Dan thinks kids should get to vote. The mayor disagrees. Who’s right?  

Featured Skill: Supporting an Argument

Get the full picture of all of the incredible digital resources that will come with your issue in our new Issue at a Glance grid. Click the image above to view the grid for the October/November 2020 issue.

What are you most excited to teach from our October/November issue? Let us know at [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you!

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