September 2020 Issue: Perfect For Remote Learning!

By Storyworks 3 Editors
August 13, 2020

We’ve been hard at work all summer to transform Storyworks 3 into the ideal tool for remote learning. Here are some of our exciting new offerings!

·      Our dazzling new Learning Journey Slides take our videos, stories, and close-reading questions and transform them into self-guided learning journeys for your students.

·      Our Digital Lesson Plans have clickable links to their stories and skill builders. Customize them to best suit your classroom! Don’t miss our brand-new section “Great Ideas for Remote Learning” in each Lesson Plan!

·      We are thrilled to debut our exciting new feature, The Storyworks 3 Time Machine! In each issue, Editor Tricia Culligan will take your students on a dramatic and knowledge-building journey to another time period or a faraway place. Don’t miss our new Research Kit and Time Machine Video!

·      Our fabulous new Choice Board offers inspiring and creative ideas for your students to further engage with the play, How Coyote Stole Fire. There are 9 varied activities to choose from, and each can be done at the student's own pace. Some of our favorites? “Create a Menu”, “Write a Thank-You Note” and “Draw a Map”!

·      Our personalized author read-alouds provide your students with a rich, audio experience. Our authors and editors introduce the story, provide some background information or personal thoughts, and then dive into a reading of the text.

·      Our evergreen skill-builders help your students think about and understand four key features: Nonfiction, Fiction, Play, and Paired Texts. These templates will be the same across every issue, providing scaffolded questions about characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution, and more!

Our Learning Journey slides will take your students on self-guided learning experiences!

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