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Learning Extensions: September Nonfiction, "The Wild Life of Christian the Lion"

By Alicia Ramírez
September 9, 2019

Your students might be surprised to hear that lions aren’t born knowing how to roar. Check out this 1-minute video of an adorable lion cub trying to roar—too cute!

For a fun compare and contrast activity, share this helpful article that explains how lions and pet cats have more in common than we think.

The London department store where the men bought Christian was Harrod’s. They opened their pet department in 1917 and sold animals until most of them were outlawed by the 1976 Endangered Species Act. You’ll find more background here

Teach your students more about Born Free USA, which campaigns to protect wild animals and wild places and works to ensure every individual animal is treated with compassion and respect. You can see their work here--be sure to check out the monkeys in their Texas primate sanctuary. Born Free USA is also on TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

George Adamson is a small part of our article, but a big part of the story. Get to know this unique man in this 5-minute clip filled with images that explain why he was nicknamed “Father of Lions.”

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