You’ll ❤️ These Changes!

By Kara Corridan
August 20, 2019

Welcome back, teachers!

It’s been Back to School season in our office since... oh, last winter. Seriously! We’ve been testing out new ideas for months, and we’re so excited to unveil the changes and improvements waiting for you. Here we go:



“My True Story”: This short nonfiction article highlights inspiring, unforgettable kids from the present and the past.

“The Idiomizer,” a delightful feature about idioms, will appear in every other issue, starting with October/November.



Text-to-Speech: This tool allows stories to be read to your students while the words are highlighted on screen.

Full articles: Stories now appear in their entirety on our website.



Background Builder: This slideshow gives your students the context they’ll need to fully comprehend the narrative nonfiction article.  

Research Kit: This rigorous activity builds knowledge and walks students through a guided research path.


You'll find all of these features and tools when you access our September 2019 issue.

Our goal, as always, is to make teaching as simple and joyful as it can be. Let me know how we’re doing at!


Kara Corridan, Editorial Director

Twitter: @kcorridan
Instagram: @karastoryworksjr
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