Student View
An Introduction to Your Teacher Resources

Storyworks 3 packs every article and story with incredible resources, from videos to amazing slideshows and skill-building activity sheets. Watch this quick video to see where you can find these gems, or jump down to learn more about multimedia resourcesskills activities, and lesson plans.

Multimedia Resources

At the top of the Resources tab, you’ll see any videos, slideshows, and audio features we’ve created for each article.

  • Our videos support our feature stories in all sorts of engaging and knowledge-building ways, by taking your students behind the scenes of the writing process or taking them on a journey back in time when a specific story is set.
  • The interactive slideshows bring new words to life with pictures, video clips, and audio pronunciation. 
  • We read our stories, poems, and articles aloud for your students—use these for listening comprehension, for scaffolding, or for engagement.
Skills Activities

When you scroll further down in your Resources tab, you’ll see a number of activities you can share with your students, including: 

  • a Reading Kit focusing on key ELA skills
  • additional skills activities, including vocabulary, research, writing support, and more
  • quizzes to assess comprehension  

To download any one of these activities, hover over the thumbnail . You’ll see that most activities are available as both print PDF and digital interactive activities. Want to download all these activities in one click? No problem – just click the Download All Activities button. 

Lesson Plans

Check out the Lesson Plan tab of any article to see the lesson we’ve put together, including close reading and critical thinking questions, differentiation ideas, extension activities and more. If you want to print the lesson plan, click Download the Lesson Plan at the top of the tab.